Hello! This site is an opportunity for me to document my travels and hopeful growth as a photographer — for me. If you’ve stopped and read even this much, thanks.
I developed a serious but fleeting interest in photography just out of college, spending time in various Boston darkrooms with negatives produced from an entry-level SLR. After a few years and a move to California, my camera was stolen in a house robbery, and I barely took snapshots from that time on. In 2010,  I traveled to India, and with a primary concern for portability, brought only a small point-and-shoot.
RoopangarhThis photo woke me up, and inspired me to take photography seriously again. I made it while walking through the small village of Roopangarh in Rajasthan. Looking up, I was struck by the contrast of the woman in light pink against a brilliant blue background, and raised my camera. She waited long enough for me to make the image, and moments later, retreated behind the doors. It’s still one of my favorite photographs, and it was recorded with a small pocket camera.
Since then, I’ve cycled through an upgraded point-and-shoot and a new DSLR, before settling on the Fujifilm Mirrorless X-Series cameras. I’m still only at the beginning of my journey as a photographer, but I’m most excited for where the travels will take me. The memories of these experiences are more vivid than anything I could possibly express with a photograph.
Never stop exploring…